Cezar Irimia

President of Chronic Disease Patient Association (FABC), Romania
Cezar Irimia
  • 29 years in the field of telecommunications
  • licensed in Psychology
  • 2000 he founded ABC, the Cancer Patients’ Association
  • 2005 he founded FABC, the Cancer Patients’ Federation
  • 2008 he founded COPAC, the Coalition of Chronic Illness Patients of Romania
  • 2011 he founded APCR, the Alliance of Chronic Patients of Romania
  • 2022 he founded Pro Cardio, the Cardiovascular Illness Patients’ Association
  • He is part of the board of the National Authority of Quality Management in Health Industry – ANMCS
  • FABC has two members in the board of European Commission of Cancer Patients
  • He collaborated in the “Intelligence in Health” project, of International Cancer Control Union, a project which concluded in a comparative study of the health care systems between the other EU states and Romania
  • Spring of 2022: “Health is coming to you” Campaign – campaign addressed to patients with cardiac conditions and diabetes living in rural environment.
  • Fall of 2022: “We haven’ done enough” Campaign – campaign addressed to cancer patients living in rural environment.
  • Cancer Patients Federation – FABC, opens a call center where cancer patients can find out information about their affection, receive general medical information, as well as free psychological counseling and personalized nutritional plans or, notify of certain medication missing from, or in low supply, on the market.
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