Dr. Goran Vesov, MD

Crest Consulting LLC, North Macedonia
Dr. Goran Vesov, MD

Dr. Goran Vesov, MD is a drug development professional with 20+ years of international experience - in big pharma, multinational CRO and as freelancer. He is currently owning and managing CResT Consulting, a clinical research quality and training consultancy, providing services to pharmaceutical companies and CROs alike.

His expertise encompasses:

  • Thorough knowledge of ICH GCP and its current developments
  • Experience in onboarding and advanced training of Clinical Research professionals (Sponsor, CRO and Site staff)
  • Proficiency in development and implementation/follow-up of GCP Inspection readiness programs
  • GCP Auditing of Clinical Investigational Sites
  • Profound understanding and experience in Quality Assurance (e.g., development and update of Quality Management Systems)
  • Clinical Research process improvement
  • Medical Doctor degree, specialized in paediatrics and Master of science degree in paediatric endocrinology and genetics. 
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