Radiating an exuberant and vibrant persona, Camelia Florescu has dedicated over four decades to a prolific career. Formerly associated with the Doina Artistic Ensemble of the Army, she has excelled as a performer in pop rock and romance genres, leaving an indelible mark as a successful poet, lyricist, composer, and radio editor. Her literary contributions include an impressive repertoire of over 50 collective poetry anthologies, along with two personal volumes titled "I’m Not a Girl Like Any Other" (Smart Publishing, 2019) and "Escape from Me" (Olimpias, 2022). In addition, she has showcased her musical talents through the release of two light music CDs under the renowned record company "Eurostar" ("I’m Not a Girl Like Any Other" in 2019 and "Summer Night" in 2023).

Her performances have graced national and international stages, captivating audiences in various countries, including Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Italy, Holland, Great Britain, Ukraine, and the Republic of Moldova. She boasts a distinct personal repertoire, featuring songs entrusted to her during initial auditions by esteemed composers such as Aurel Giroveanu, Jolt Kerestely, Ovidiu Komornyik, Dan Ardelean, Dan ?tef?nica, Alexandru Vilmany, Antonio Passarelli, Jimi el Laco, and Bela Andra?i.

With an international repertoire comprising over 500 songs sung in 11 languages, her profound impact has been recognised through a multitude of accolades and trophies earned during her participation in various genre contests since the 1980s, including The Star Without Name, the Dance Music Festival from Costine?ti, Bucharest, and Amara, among others. As a poet, lyricist, and composer, her exceptional talents have garnered significant awards both within the country and abroad in recent years.

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