Sandra Alexiu

President of Family Physician Association, Bucharest, Romania
Sandra Alexiu
Sandra Adalgiza Alexiu, MD, President of Bucharest Association of Family Medicine since 2015, is a member and communicator of the Immunisation Working Group, a SIG of the National Society of Family Medicine.
Member of the NITAG and the Measles National Crisis Cell, Reviewer for the ECDC PROJECT ECD8894: Systematic scoping review on the role of social media on vaccination decision-making (Emilie Karafillakis, Clarissa Simas, Sam Martin, Sara Dada, Heidi Larson), Author for online courses, case studies, articles and webinars on the elearning platforms for family doctors, nurses, patients, ESPID member, EURACT member, SRSVPS (Romanian Society for Immunisations Strategies and Health promotion) member and Honorary member of the Romanian Society of Microbiology.
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